Sulfagro Ca sulfur-calcium fertilizer contains two minerals needed for crops: calcium (Ca²⁺) and sulfate (SO₄²ˉ).
Calcium sulphate called Sulfagro Ca occurs in a natural - fine crystalline form, belonging to slow-acting fertilizers group. The recommended doses of Sulfagro Ca fertiliser ensure more efficient absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.


Without proper fertilisation our crops cannot produce the expected yield. We are helping the crops to fight stress by using Sulfagro Ca.


Sulfagro Ca is a solid, fine-grained fertiliser having an amorphous yet not dusty structure - providing a suitable moisture content. Sulfagro Ca in compound sulphates contains min. 17% water soluble sulfur (S) and min. 21% calcium (Ca).


The Sulfagro Ca fertiliser was developed for crop sequences ,involving the action of sulphur and calcium in a longer cycle than a growing season. The areas of activity of fertilisers are diverse and depend on the type of agronomic soil.

Recommended dosage

Sulfagro Ca is used for fertilising all type of crops, including low sulphur acidic soil. Recommended for field crops, meadows, vegetables and orchards - especially for plants with high sulphur demand. The fertiliser dosage aims to satisfy the sulphur and calcium demand reducing the side effects of toxic aluminium.